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"There should be a new rating for films produced for giggly teenage girls."

I agree, entirely. Thanks for suffering that tripe for us. Your efforts weren't in vain. Also makes me sad how the standards seem so low. Maybe I should write some crap book on par with this and 50 Shades (which started out as a Twilight erotic fanfic) and wait for the lonely housewife and hyperhormonal teenage girl dollars to roll in!

HannaH Jane

Here, here, Professor! I think one of the things that bothers me most about Twilight, other than the complete departure from Vampire lore with no clear reasoning why the past couple thousand years of stories were wrong, is how much it draws on desperation. It's hard to write love stories that ring true. Desperation is an effective tool for a writer to use, but it's not an good depiction of any healthy relationship. Desperation itself isn't healthy. I know that as a writer you're not trying to create "normal" typically because that would be boring. However, most desperate relationships are doomed to failure, and you're not doing the lore, the archetype, or the symbol any service by creating a "happily everafter" that's doomed from the start. Yes, stories entertain, but they also tell us how to live. And the BEST stories do both. Writers should strive to create real-extraordinary if they want to create something lasting rather than just a fad. That said, this fad has created a lot of cash just as Nikita has pointed out! We could all use some of that. Myself, if I ever see commercial success a mere fraction of Twilight, I do hope that it will be something that I am proud of, that fits with the lore, and that lasts.

Professor Locs

Very well put Hannah. The entire storyline was such a departure from any historical concept of Vampire lore that it just got under my skin. I like your point regarding the desperation of the relationship. I like viewing it through that particular filter. I also agree that I would love to have a fraction of the success....smile. Let's put it out there in the universe and claim our just rewards! Thank you for reading and sharing some very significant points.

Professor Locs

Nikita you are crazy...LOL I know you have more to say but if you do write such a story to get paid then I am not mad at you. Just remember me when you need a vacation buddy in Paris....smile. Thank you for reading and sharing your comments.

richrd  butts

...just saying, ain't had this kind of clarity and perception in a review for a movie since rex reed! i think a pilot screen reviewer series is screaming to Bravo;<)

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