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This type of thing is unfortunate in any circumstance, but you are correct that it doesn't get the same press if it's a heterosexual preditor. Like that never happens, when in fact, it happens more if only by virtue of the fact that it's a larger demographic.


I hate to hear this. I really hope it is just a series of people trying to come up and he really wasn't 'that guy'. But when it does start to be more and more, it gets harder to deny and deny. Shame. And unfortunately public opinion can ruin you more than an actual verdict. If it is or is not true he's already lost everything he's worked for and will never be able to get it back.

Professor Locs

Lea you are so correct. Even if these guys are just a bunch of young trade trying to cash in the damage unfortunately is already done.

Professor Locs

Marty you are correct there is a double standard when it comes to sexuality with both the predator and victim in cases like this one.

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