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Miss A

I was waiting on your commentary on the film. I probably won't see it just because I have issues with Tarantino (though I will admit I was curious about it). I never thought that it would have any sense of historical accuracy. That's not the type of filmmaker he is. I guess my question(s) would be is it always necessary for films that deal with the 'black experience' to be historically accurate? As you all mentioned in your video piece, nothing he really does is historically accurate, so how do we get upset or disappointment when he treats the spaghetti western (with black people in it - which most westerns don't even acknowledge we existed in that time) with the same regard? Will there ever come a time when we can watch a film set in that time and not expect it to reflect slavery in a historical way?

Shannise Jackson

Thanks for the shout out and it was most certainly a fantastically fun production for me.

Professor Locs

@Miss A. You are very correct that none of his films deal with historical accuracy because again he just likes to play with surface characters and stereotypes he has been influenced by. I think I would be more comfortable with a satirical treatment of slavery in a film if we had done the appropriate work and healing in our society. Again the Jewish community makes a point to treat their history with reverence. Maybe once there has been a legitimate movement to take ownership and heal we can more comfortably explore those themes. You always share great points of discussion....smile

HannaH Jane

I am not really sure why Tarantino would make such a statement, especially as Miss A states "nothing he really does is historically accurate." He did not set himself up well :( especially with all the challenges he was facing with this film otherwise. Sorry, I am just getting around to commenting. I purposefully did not read any reviews before I saw it. Posted my thoughts on my site. Mentioned and linked to you too, as your perspective is such an important part of the discussion and I'm not very qualified :)

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