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Essence Massey

Hmm...I have to disagree with her fighting him back on this. People no longer take the institution of marriage seriously anymore, & the trend now is "If it's broken don't fix it, just divorce it", and that is not the way it was meant to be. Marriage is "til death do us part", & they should have taken that into consideration before making this "lifetime" commitment. Discussions about children should not be held in front of a camera for millions of viewers to see. That conversation should have been held LONG before they even started to consider marriage. As for Kordel, I don't know him personally, but I highly doubt that he's that much of a "traditional man", b/c if that were so, he would have known to air all of this out BEFORE asking for her hand in marriage. People fail to realize exactly how heavy the titles of "Wife" & "Husband" really are, & if they truly knew, I they would think twice about "just doing it" & take it more seriously...But I'm just one voice in a million...who cares what I think? LOL

charles easley

@Essence. You are so correct that folks take the idea of marriage very lightly these days. I am unfortunately ending an almost 20 year relationship and it was difficult for many years but you try and make it work. I agree that those two needed to have some serious conversations before they even entered into a contract of marriage. Thank you for reading and sharing your views!

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