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Jay Johnson

Hmm, all for someone trying to make any change for themselves but have two thoughts:
1) He attempts to use the Ten Commandments as a source against homosexulaity...there is no mention on homosexuality in any of the commandments.
2) When asked directly how he is able to switch to being not only heterosexual but almost condemning gay activity, he doesn't really give a clear answer. Sorry Antoine, I think you need more people because we don't believe you.


I am not one to judge, however which commandment is he referring to? I have never seen that commandment. If you afe going to quote the Bible, please quote the correct scriptures. This interview is just so wrong in so many ways. So he is trying to convince me that he prayed to God to take his homosexuality away , and God instantly remove this? Now, I can't speak for anyone else, howeverI pray to God daily, and have asked for His Mercy and Guidance. I will admit I have asked to be removed for certain sistuations. I know amd believe that God wotks in mysterious ways. However unless Antoine has a Bat Phone to God, I refuse to believe that his prayer was answered that fast. What puts him on the top of the list, above others who are truly in need of God and know the Commandments back and forth. And if that did happen, all because he was just sitting around because he did not have anything to do but think, why didn't God remove his feminine ways? All that lip smacking, neck rolling and hand gestures quickly states thatNITHING HAS CHANGED ABOUT ME. I am a bit confused on how God changed his entire genetic profile. I am going to need Antoine to get a.life and stop playing with god for his wanna be Youtube 10 minute of fame.
And what female would want to be with anyone who can not accept who they are: female or male. All these little games that he is playing is not getting him the attention he is trying for. His sexual preference has not changed no more that George Bush stealing the state of Florida in the election. Kill that noise Antoine, we are not believing that mess for one iota.

iama{GAY}tekeeper known as thegaytekeeper

I wish him peace on his journey

Pen Sovereignty

Satan is the author of confusion and this poor soul is confused-duh! Not because he's gay, but because he believes 1. He can change that 2. That his entire life before his "change" was "dumb," and 3. That his girlie ass is REALLY looking for a wife. He insulted my intelligence with that b.s.! Next! So tired of foolish people! Be happy with who you are.

Jeff Enochs

Good job losing all your fans, and best of luck. We don't need ya. Traitor.


HALLELUJAH! I just had to stop and celebrate unto the LORD for He has gotten Himself a truth warrior by the name of Antoine Dodson!


HALLELUJAH! Praise the LORD for His goodness! The LORD our God LOVES to brag about a REPENTANT SINNER!!! Luke 15:7
I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.


You all God-haters better follow that Saint's ~ Mr. Antoine Dodson ~ example or else...

Mr. Dodson & I will someday wiggle and wash our feet in your all's BLOOD!!!

Psalm 58:10 The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.


My name is tario i was gay but not no more God pot woman here for man and not man for man or women for women now am out looking for a women it's feal so good God is good

From loterio brown

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