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Unless I'm missing something here, this teacher needs to get the stick outa her butt and learn that teachers teach more than whats in a book. If his actions were inappropriate she can teach him firmly but gently.

What is more likely is that the child was hungry for affection was open enough to seek it from an adult he trusted.

This teacher should perhaps learn a few things about nurturing children.

Daisean Mills

This is pretty interesting. I don't think the young man should have been suspended for a year or even suspended but you know how it is. I wonder what the case would be like if he wasn't an African American male(ponders on doing a study on what happens if the guy was white).

Shannise Jackson-Ndiaye

Students are very good and judging who to approach and who not to approach. We are half way through the school year, at some point he felt comfortable with being this close to her. As an educator I have had male students who were a little to frisky and I dealt wit them directly. It is a different era and culture.


I don't know--it seems like it went past a hug. And every woman on here knows it is inappropriate for any man who is not a love interest to hug you from behind that way. It is sexual and only OK if the woman is comfortable with it. It sounds like he had a crush and decided to get in a bump n grind off of an authority figure. I don't think he should be suspended for a year, but some disciplinary action was definitely warranted.

Isis Reddick Umoja

I think that the consequences are extreme. As a Therapist I have to maintain boundaries but so many children are thirsty for affection that I made adjustments like giving side hugs and if a child is inappropriate I address it by telling them what is acceptable. This incident reminds me of the many extreme measures that schools in NC take over small things. I am from NJ inner city where they have way too many serious issues to be as petty and punitive as they are here. I hope that this student's parents take just as extreme measures to get this rectified.

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