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I wish I could be shocked. But that is a large part of that kind of Real Housewives of Atlanta reality stick, nothing mattering like the all-consuming present.

The irony I have found is a swath of truth greater than anything real a show like RHOA could ever portray – and it comes by way of that train “conductor”--ess herself, Harriet Tubman:

“I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

Tubman knew then as black women must know now that they have an important role to play in shaping the images and attitudes of their people not just nurturing those shaped as is often stereotyped. They are hardly prepared to do that if they are little more than ingénues

Assuming that the 32 –year old model and speaker actually knew little of the most universally recognized aspects of this epic Underground Railroad occurrence, I would find it next to disreputable that it could happen as she works in the foundation started by her late grandfather Hosea Williams, Feed the Hungry, directed by Mr. Williams daughter, Elizabeth Omalami, among the most commendable voices on black women history you will find.

But professor, I would have deferred any remark were it not for the fact, I knew Ms. Williams’ grandfather well. A decorated war veteran under General George Patton, he served as a councilman, a commissioner and a state representative for many years in my district after his years as a lieutenant under Dr. King. My street was renamed in his honor just before his death in 2000.

I would be surprised if Porsha Stewart, who has languished through a very public divorce here, has not gained through her challenges of late.

If it turns out true that she will not be asked to return for another RHOA as rumored, it can still be very much a gain if she spins it well and gets on the right track –one that leads from underground to enlightenment.

Isis Reddick Umoja

You said it all. Coming from a family with such a rich history and she is either truly clueless or pretending to be for this show which is just as bad. I blame it on where we are in society. Even conscious parents being so caught up in overindulging our children that we fail to teach them what's important like our history. I am guilty of this as well and working to change it so I don't have two Porschas on my hands.

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