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As a kid, I was taught to hit only if someone hits you first. I was also taught that boys NEVER hit girls, for any reason. However, like you said, the rules have changed. It seems many young women today are using the aforementioned second rule to taunt, bully, and mistreat men to their advantage. And clearly, those women thought they would get away with their antics. In my opinion, they got what they deserved.


As music producer, JayZ so magnificently demonstrated, some rules never change. When possible, men should use restraint and not hit women.

Not saying he wasn't legally within his rights, but I am old school and believe men are called on to lead the way to sanity, when possible...not use her wild behavior as an excuse to act similarly.


It don't matter who you are, don't put your hands on another person girl or boy. If I was a guy and a girl hit me I'm going to protect myself anyway possible, I don't think anyone would just sit there and take getting hit. As a dude yes you have that option to hold back from hitting a girl which would be the right thing to do but if you have a female like this come at you ready to fight, yes you should defend yourself from further harm and harm to that other person. She was wrong for throwing punches period. If she's down for throwing a punch at a man don't be shocked when he defends himself. That's just plain assault right there, she could have continued to use her words but no she chose to get physical, she deserved everything that came after that. Shame.

Sue Johnson

This is why I don't ride the subway! Both parties were wrong, but unfortunately she started it and in that case, there's no double standard here! Act like a dude...get in someone's face, and you get the reaction we see in this video! There's a time to stop before something like this escalates! It did not!


read a comment about this video elsewhere that put it perfectly. "A man should never hit a lady, unless she hits him first, at which point she is not a lady." Now obviously this is a case by case thing, and it's still wrong to hit someone (man or woman) harder, or more times, than necessary. But in this case? She needed that slap.

Charles Easley


I was brought up the same way but it seems many women are pushing that expectation and acting very aggressively. Thank you for sharing your views!

Charles Easley

@dmbcwhite You are right Jay Z did exercise restraint but his attacker was a close relative, I wonder if most men would exercise such restraint when a complete stranger is attacking you. Thank you for reading and sharing your views!

Charles Easley

@Joanna You are so right it should be a rule of respect regardless of gender. But old girl pushed the boundaries for anyone and as much as I do not like seeing anyone get hit she was really asking for a confrontation. Thank you for reading and sharing your views!

Charles Easley

@Sue Johnson We are on the same page. When you act inappropriately do not be surprised when you get a similar reaction. Thank you for reading and sharing your views not this topic!

Charles Easley

@Todd I like how you put that and I agree. A real lady would not regress to violence unprovoked. So you cannot be surprised when you are met with similar energy. Thank you for your views on this topic!


Oh she so got what she deserved. She should be thankful he did not have a gun or knife. He still respected her and slapped her behind with an open fist. From the video this is not unusual behavior for her, she's done it before. But, I bet the next time she will think about it. My mother always said, "you think you are crazy, there is someone out there crazier than you!

Charles Easley

@Lakishia Your mom is so right folks sometimes forget how crazy the world can be and you are correct she will think twice next time before she shows out in public. Thank you for reading and sharing your comments.

Drew Kinney

I thin it is important to separate two elements: assault & battery.

She is assaulting him repeatedly, verbal abuse is the assault. I use the "Sticks & Stones ...metaphor.

She then batters him by using physical violence, a punch. It doesn't matter how light the punch is, it's Battery. This is where I say, if you are going to take a swing at me - you better be ready for my response. I will not take it lying down, so to speak.

Finally, there is this issue: Where are the ladies in the video? I do not see any....

La-Trenda Herring

As a mother of a son, i have raised him to never lay his hands on any female. That is why he was blessed with me as a mother. However, this is one situation, that he would have been given a pass. The young man on this subway was minding his business until Ms I Need Attention from My Friends, comes along. In my personal opinion, she deserved more that losing the skin off her face from that slap. This is how many young kids have lost their lives. You don't know what a person is going thru and what would set that person off. She is lucky that was all that she walked away with.
One of the main reasons, I know longer due public transportation. I can see myself catching a murder charge..

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